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Euro Digital Marketing presents you with our company’s email marketing offer to boost your business prospects. Our Marketing teams are assembled to suit the client requirements and we are in keen interest to work with you in this campaign. We make sure that you get the best of services and the highest priority at our company. Working with us would never make you feel as if you’re just one of the clients we serve. Rather, we promise to make you feel as the only special client we have. We analyze and test every marketing and web solution we provide them with. All our solutions are proven, and guaranteed to have the best result at the most reasonable cost.

E-Mail Marketing is the most convenient and time saving way to introduce your product or services globally. Over 9 million valid and verified U.A.E & GCC business email IDs. We have the vision how to make your product, services more popular and demanding. Get your own marketing





Emails Count

UAE (Cab be filtered by city)

Real Estate Agents


UAE (Cab be filtered by city)

Property Owners


UAE (Cab be filtered by city)

Business Owners


UAE (Cab be filtered by city)



UAE (Cab be filtered by city)

Managers (All Mix)


UAE (Cab be filtered by city)

Managers (High Income)


UAE (Cab be filtered by city)

Executives (High Income can be filtered by profession)


UAE (Cab be filtered by city)

Executives (Mid Income can be filtered by profession)



Misc (doesn’t have any details for profession)

2 millions


Expatriates (Mix All)

2.3 Millions


9.93 Millions

Reporting Features:

  • Sent and read e-mails: it tells if each email has been read or if each email has been sent but not read.
  • Read and clicked e-mails: data refers to opened email messages only, and show how many of them were just read but not clicked and how many of them were clicked.
  • Views and clicks: each one of your emailing’s will have its own unique ROI rate, views and clicks data. Looking at views data we understand when one of our emailing’s got read for more than one time per each single reader.
  • Unique clicks: we know the exact number of people that read our emails. Knowing the emailing’s unique clicks will be mandatory to understand the emailing’s ROI.
  • Repeated clicks: a repeated click on one of our email marketing email message testify a user’s interest rate about what we spoke about in our emailing’s and will help us understanding the best subjects, styles and ways to compose the next email marketing campaigns.
  • E-mail contacts tracking: It shows who opened your email message and who clicked on links.
  • Subscription list : Provides list of all subscribed members on excel or text file.

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