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The field of technology is a diverse place. This is more so in the device manufacturing field where there are many companies that manufacture different models of smart phones, tablets, mini-tablets and even computers. This has led to a fragmentation of devices in the web and mobile ecosystem. Having different devices with their own different capabilities, screen sizes, memory space and bandwidth has brought about its own set of challenges for web developers.

A logical solution when designing websites would be to design a specific website for each of the devices but with more than a thousand different devices in the field, this would prove to be a mammoth task. Well, all hope is not lost thanks to responsive website design. So, many of us would ask; what is responsive website design? Well, this is a new method of website design which makes use of the latest technologies and frameworks in web design such as html5, css3 media queries and JavaScript to solve the headache of having to design different versions of the same website for different devices.

Through the use of css3 media queries, a device sends its specifications to the web server and an appropriate version is served up. You may need to note however, that only one HTML file needs to be written for a specific web page and it then rearranges itself depending on the devices specifications and layout. On bigger screens, the entire website is displayed but for smaller devices such as smart phones and tablets, some elements of the web page become hidden. In addition to that, smaller images are served up for devices that have limited memory and bandwidth. This ensures that a web page loads at an appropriate speed in whatever device it is accessed from.

Making websites that are responsive requires one to have a team of web designers and developers who are dedicated to a particular project and testing it to ensure that your website loads and renders well in all devices and browser types. This may be expensive for a single company having its own team of developers. Here at Euro Digital, we are dedicated to web design and with our vast experience in all the latest web design technologies, you can be assured of having a responsive website for your company or business. Get in touch with us for more information on how this can benefit your business, company or organization.

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